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Klangmechanik in Concert offers the perfect show for the most recognisable venues, music festivals, trade fairs or gala performance around the globe.

We play liveact sets for clubs as well as chill-out and laid back entertainment for special events.

Our music sounds like minimal, electro, detroit, deep, tech-house, dnb...

A performance that goes beyond the usual live or dj set, offering the viewer an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

Reactable Live!

The new incarnation of the instrument that has changed the way we create and perform electronic music.

The revolutionary Reactable instrument hits the stage with its new incarnation: The Reactable Live instrument allows you to see the music while performing. The different sound generation and manipulation modules, which are real physical objects, permit infinite flexibility and control in musical expression. Exploring and using modern techniques of music production has never been easier or more exciting.

The Reactable was conceived as an instrument to bring back the expressive possibilities of traditional instruments to musicians who are working with new technologies. It uses concepts of modular synthesis, sampling, advanced digital effects processing, and DJing and combines them with modern human computer interaction, multitouch technology and a tangible interface. The Reactable Live! is a completely new experience in live music performance. www.reactable.com